Loudoun CPS - Benjamin Smith the typical CPS worker


Carlos Morales, an ex-CPS social worker, has written an excellent and very insightful book that provides an inside  view of the inner workings of CPS and the Court System. As expected the system is nearly broken beyond repair. Take into consideration Mr. Morales’s statement concerning the candidate pool.

Placed in a small room with  other soon to be investigators , I understood rather quickly that CPS was willing to take just about anyone.

If anyone from Loudoun CPS represents the statement below it is without a doubt Benjamin Smith, former CPS investigator. How  Benjamin Smith secured his position and maintained his position is beyond comprehension.

Consider an additional statement by Mr. Morales,

CPS is not a stable agency. Investigators don’t follow the agency’s own rules a good majority of the time, and many of the agents that you may deal with do not know what they’re doing or what laws they have to follow.

Again, a very apt description of the hapless Mr. Benjamin Smith. As mentioned also by Mr. Morales, the training a CPS worker receives is not sufficient. The training is not scientifically sound, theories are taught such as the Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome, The training is bent toward proving abuse regardless of whether or not abuse occurred. This poor training is like a loaded gun to a poorly trained worker.

In the case of Benjamin Smith, you have to realize that CPS workers lie and lie quite often. It is more than likely that Loudoun CPS is infected from top to bottom with dishonest and improperly trained workers.

In closing, be prepared this preparation will include having your lawyer do a razor like cross-examination of the CPS worker.  This will demonstrate to the judge that the social worker is very poorly trained. In the case of Benjamin Smith, it was learned that he knew absolutely nothing about Child Suggestibility.  Take full advantage when you have the worker on the stand and under oath. It will be quite easy to impeach their testimony.



Loudoun CPS - Benjamin Smith the typical CPS worker