Loudoun CPS – The accusing parent; Sandra Glenney’s and Benjamin Smith’s incompetence


In cases involving false accusations of abuse, the accusations almost always originates from the other parent. This usually entails an intense questioning by the custodial  parent of the child after a visit with the non-custodial  parent. Typically the other parent wants something from the other parent such as money or perhaps sole custody; there is always an underlying motive to make false accusations. Sometimes it can be simply spite.  Sadly in Loudoun County, the local Child Protection Agency under the guidance of Ellen Grunewald and Laurie Warhol is not competent enough to decipher fact from fiction.  To add to the incompetence of CPS, Sandra Glenney is the most incompetent of all and perhaps the most dishonest; she abuses her power. Glenney will blindly and uncritically accept any claims of abuse; this benefits no one.


Incompetence, inadequate, incapable …., all can be used to describe the Child Protection Agency in Loudoun County and all would be correct. To this terminology one can add deceitful, the prime example of deceitfulness is ex-CPS worker Benjamin Smith; no doubt he conducted himself in such an abysmal manner during his tenure at the insistence of Sandra Glenney.  The whole operation is dirty and sleazy. It lacks much needed transparency.

To add to their dysfunction and incompetence, Glenney and Loudoun CPS ignore the State Social Services training and guidelines that are written and provided by the State. Loudoun CPS is the ultimate rogue organization; they behave in a total unethical manner and ignore any thing that may refute their beliefs. Take for example the following document from the CPS required training course 2031.  The attached document is a guideline to assist CPS in differentiating between a parent who is fabricating allegations of abuse versus a parent who is reporting valid allegations of abuse.

One of the more interesting statements in the document describes one of the characteristics of a fabricating parent.

Shops for other professionals who will verify her suspicions and involve the child in multiple examinations so the investigation can continue, irrespective of the impact the process is having on the child.”

In one particular case an ex-spouse made multiple reports to CPS spanning multiple years. Benjamin Smith claimed no knowledge of it, which is incredibly difficult to believe in that he simply could have asked the accusing parent. The agency is completely incompetent starting with the management team. It will be incumbent upon the accused to conduct an investigation. CPS is going to find abuse, the social workers are lazy and the psychologists that are utilized by CPS are incredibly biased.

Contradicting their own documentation, Sandra Glenney will force your child to go from therapist to therapist in order to get the report and assessment she wants. As mentioned in a previous post, Glenney is very fond of Dr. Mary Lindahl.  Dr. William Ling of Reston is also a rising star in the ranks of CPS; one can only wonder why. The research is clear that multiple interviews can harm a child, more so if the accusations are false; Glenney doesn’t care.





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