Loudoun County - The venality of the Loudoun Legal System


” I believe the concept of venality is fulfilled by any functionary who receives from the people a salary to administer justice and instead becomes the accomplice of injustice”

- Archbishop Oscar Romero

The above  statement written by the late Archbishop Oscar Romero is thoughtful, powerful and truthful. In the case of Archbishop Romero he was writing about the issues related to the legal system in El Salvador . The purpose of this blog is to shed light about issues in Loudoun County. The legal system in Loudoun  has its own unique issues with honesty and integrity. To often some judges in Loudoun County endorse unethical behavior in the Courtroom, especially when it involves Sandra Glenney and Loudoun County Child Protective Services. To often, the judges look the other way when Sandra Glenney and CPS are behaving badly.

No matter where one resides, the Court is expected to provide justice.  Judges are expected to allow due process and ensure each litigant is treated fairly, in  many courtrooms across the country this does not happen.  The members (attorneys)  of the legal profession are expected to aspire to achieve justice.   Attorneys are also expected to ensure that their clients tell the truth; this rarely happens. Currently in Loudoun, the concept of venality hovers over Loudoun threatening the core values of the legal system in Loudoun.

There are many people who add to this threat, mainly Sandra Glenney. Ms. Glenney treats the legal system and the Courts as her playground.  She takes many shortcuts such as delaying discovery and tolerating untruthful testimony from psychologists and social workers. Aiding Sandra Glenney in this is  Judge Thomas D. Horne, Judge Horne looks the other way when Glenney pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in the Courtroom.

To add to this,  are the actions of a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem  such as Lorrie Sinclair.  Ms. Sinclair is delinquent in her duties as set forth and defined by the “Standards for the Guardian Ad Litem”. Sadly, some  judges (Thomas D. Horne)  in Loudoun are reluctant to correct Ms. Glenney or Ms. Sinclair, they simply ignore it and go with the flow.

There are more contributing players to this unpleasant scene, that is the hand-picked psychologists chosen by Sandra Glenney.  It is routinely the same psychologists over and over again.  From top to bottom, in some Courtrooms in Loudoun, the process is tainted.  My advice to anyone who finds themselves opposed to Sandra Glenney is be aware of what you are dealing with.  Do not expect fair treatment and don’t expect complete due process.



Loudoun County - The venality of the Loudoun Legal System