Loudoun County – The trouble with Sandra Glenney and Loudoun CPS




I cannot stress enough the negative consequences that occur when someone in a position of authority cuts corners and abuses their power. It is made worse when an entire agency has such skewed thinking such as Loudoun County Child Protective Services. The problems with Loudoun County CPS begin at the top. The workers and investigators are encouraged to take shortcuts. The influence of Sandra Glenney cannot be overlooked. She is the door through which all evidence flows. If Sandra Glenney doesn’t want the accused to have exculpatory evidence, the accused and their attorney will not receive the exculpatory evidence. When someone like Glenney and CPS decides to cheat there are repercussions, severe repercussions. CPS destroys families and harms children; lives can be destroyed by very ignorant people who work for the Child Protection Agency.


The following article written in the Boston Globe describes the case of Bernard Baran who recently passed away. Mr. Baran (photo above at the time of his arrest and release) spent 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.  He was a kid when the absurd accusations of sexual abuse were made against him. I encourage you to learn more about his case at http://www.freebaran.org/. More disturbing is the amount of prosecutorial misconduct that occurred in the case. Mr. Baran steadfastly maintained his innocence despite being offered a deal that would allow him to only serve five years. Mr. Baran was a victim of extreme prejudice and prosecutorial misconduct. His prime years were spent in prison due to an ignorant prosecutor and a biased criminal justice system. He was targeted mainly because he was gay and the prosecutor, now judge was an ignorant homophobic. The years that were taken from him and the abused he suffered in prison all because a prosecutor wanted to win his case. We have the same mentality in Loudoun with our Child Protection Services Agency.

In the Baran case, video tapes were withheld from the defense that was exculpatory in nature.  The tapes clearly revealed that the children stated that nothing happened but yet social workers and investigators persisted until the children succumbed to the repeated questioning. This is strikingly similar to how Sandra Glenney conducts her cases; all recantations must be kept from the defense. The prosecutor in the case, Daniel A. Ford, who is currently a judge failed to turn over the tapes. There are currently many calls for his resignation. Mr. Baran was an easy target for prosecution, he was a male and he was gay. When he was convicted, there was mass hysteria concerning Ritual Sexual Abuse.   Reason and logic were not to be found in many Courtrooms throughout the country. The whole time period destroyed so many lives of innocent people.

In Loudoun, we have a problem and that problem has a name, Sandra Glenney. Sandra Glenney is a relic of the 80′s and she conducts CPS cases in a very unethical manner. She is the ringleader for CPS. She controls the CPS investigator and the psychologist who testifies on behalf of CPS.  With Glenney at the helm, it is the 80′s all over again.


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