Loudoun County - Trial by ambush, trial by liar - Judge Thomas D. Horne




If you believe that justice prevails in a Loudoun County Court room, think again. If you believe that all judges are interested in the truth, think again.  If you believe that you will always receive a fair hearing , think again. The reader should read the book “Kids for Cash” by  William Ecenbarger.  The book aptly describes the alarming story of the corruption of two judges in Luzerne County, PA.  The book exposes how the Judicial Process can be hijacked by unethical professionals within the legal system.  In the case of Luzerne County, PA the corruption was astounding. The judges are currently serving lengthy terms for their actions.


As an example of how ludicrous and unfair  the legal system in Loudoun County can be, consider following document (also posted at the top of the page). This document was all that was required by  Judge Horne to allow a parent to be separated from their child. Judge Horne denied any and all discovery as to the reason for the move. Horne also denied the parent the ability to discover  the name of the agency that the subject of the memorandum, Christopher Zveare , was employed by. Please think about that, Judge Horne (aka the “Epitome of Fairness”)   denied any and all discovery for the other parent. It was a classic example of Trial by ambush, sanctioned and approved by Judge Thomas D. Horne,

Horne was not alone, Lorrie Sinclair (who was acting the part of the Guardian Ad Litem) and Sandra Glenney , also took part in this fraudulent attempt to separate a parent from their child. Several aspects of this memorandum were debunked, falsified  and reported to the Court , Glenney and Sinclair. All sat idly by and showed no interest in discerning the truth. Lorrie Sinclair, the alleged Guardian Ad Litem, made not effort in learning more about the memorandum. Judge Horne , in his refusal to grant discovery, sanctioned this unethical activity.

I say this to illustrate the corruption that can occur in a Loudoun County Court room. The odds of this increases dramatically when Glenney is involved. Your attorney needs to be aggressive and the accused/defendant needs to be aware that the Judicial Process is woefully inadequate to discern the truth. In the above instance, Judge Horne acted in a manner that turned his Court room into a kangaroo court.  The “Epitome of Fairness”, I don’t think so.


Loudoun County - Trial by ambush, trial by liar - Judge Thomas D. Horne