Loudoun County – Sandra Glenney’s legacy



In the big picture taking the long view what will be the lasting legacy of Sandra Glenney , Assistant County Attorney in Loudoun. In her mind it is of a crusader for children, but in reality she joins a long list of zealots who believed in complete junk science and any claims of abuse. She is your typical attorney who probably couldn’t make it in private practice and decided to work for the local government.

Her legacy will be one of using complete and totally incompetent psychologists to assist in her cases.  Her legacy will consist of protecting CPS employees and managers at all costs, even when those employees misrepresent the facts during a hearing.  The same goes for psychologists who fail to tell the truth, Glenney will protect those psychologist at all costs.

Her legacy will be one of a total lack of understanding of the latest research on Child Suggestibility.  She is not aware of the research and has more than likely not even read any of the literature.  

More importantly, her legacy will be one of breaking up families. Her legacy will be one of harming children.

In closing , her legacy will be one of embarrassment , failure and broken families in her wake.



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