Loudoun County – Sandra Glenney and the expert witness



I may be repeating myself, but you need to know this. Sandra Glenney’s  secret weapons are the psychologists that she utilizes. The psychologist will be your biggest hurdle to clear during your hearing. Make no bones about it, the psychologist whom she hires has an agenda, that is to preserve the status quo for Sandra Glenney.  Also most psychologists she hires will share common beliefs.  The majority will believe in the Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome . which was  created by Dr. Roland Summit. CAAS is the theory that supports how Glenney and CPS views suspected child abuse. The theory explains retractions . and inconsistencies in an accusation.   According to the theory all statements are indicative of abuse. Keep in mind that Summit believed that there were tunnels under the McMartin Day Care. To impeach this theory have your attorney research cases where judges have not allowed CAAS to be used as expert testimony, of which there are several.

Secondly, Glenney’s psychologist will have a very negative view of the “Parental Alienation Syndrome” created by Dr. Richard Gardner. Gardner was also very critical of Child Protection Agencies. Glenney’s chosen will dispute PAS during a hearing. PAS essentially states that one parent can turn the child against the other parent. If Glenney chooses Dr. Lindahl for your case, Lindahl will argue that PAS in not included in the DSM-V; be prepared for the argument. One way to rebuff this is to bring up that homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder in the DSM. The DSM is not a very good argument against PAS.

Now to the heart of the matter, her psychologists will have bizarre beliefs. How do I know this ?  Glenney  is very fond of using Dr. Joyanna Silberg.  Silberg, much to her chagrin,  gave a glowing endorsement for the book “22 Faces” written by Judy Byington. 22 Faces is a bizarre tale of Satanic Ritual Abuse and most bizarre of all the tale of  a Dr. Greenbaum, mind control expert. Not to mention multiple personality disorder and supernatural interventions. From 22 Faces

Within the next twenty years the Old Man would be recognized. By 1984 Corydon Hammond, Ph.D. began surveying therapist-members of the justformed International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. The majority of clients studied, close to 75%, reported being tortured as children under direction of a Dr. Green or Greenbaum–a Jewish turncoat who perfected his “Green” mindcontrol programming in World War II Nazi concentration camps. Employed after the war by foreign and U.S. agencies, Greenbaum apparently supplemented his income via advertising his amoral craft by word-of-mouth to ever-growing, upperlevel satanic covens. His services were highly skilled, in great demand and extremely profitable.

Amazingly, Dr. Silberg had this to say about 22 faces.


The book also contains an endorsement from one Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D., Past President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) which, if anything, says something negative about the ISSTD more than it tells us anything substantive about Byington’s book. Silberg claims that she and her peers “are all too familiar with the kinds of crimes and disorders described in 22 Faces

Silberg and her associates are all to familiar  with the crimes in 22 faces. One of the crimes in 22 faces is a murder of a young girl which was part of a Satanic Sacrifice.  From 22 Faces

After they settled, their leader walked toward Angeletta, the menacing long sword once hooked to the pulpit, raised above his head, “dlihc s’laaB O, eno nesohc eht era uoY. Three. Six. Nine. Five. Seven.” Snap. Snap. Snap. “Angeletta, dlihc s’laaB uoy evig ew, reficuL ythgim hO.” The blade descended with astonishing speed and force, a fearsome hands-driven guillotine that severed Angeletta’s head

I can’t make this up. It is in the book 22 Faces that was endorsed by Dr. Silberg. 22 Faces as been marketed and sold as a true  story. Ms. Byington’s claims have been thoroughly debunked. It is disturbing that Glenney would even utilize Silberg as an expert witness. It is even more disturbing that a Judge , who has a law degree would allow Silberg to even testify.


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