Loudoun County - Sandra Glenney is obsessed with child masturbation


Please be don’t put off by the title, this a subject and evidence that you will be facing in a Loudoun County Courtroom.  Sandra Glenney and Loudoun County CPS are managed by what can be referred to as religious fundamentalists.  To Sandra Glenney and Laurie Warhol, if your child masturbates then you child has been abused, lets contrast this to what normal and sane professionals have to say about the subject. It is to your benefit for you and your attorney to be knowledgeable of the real research, not what the fanatics in Loudoun County believe.


Is masturbation   common?
“  Yes.  It is a common childhood   habit.  Most children—both boys and girls—play with their genitals (external sex organs or “private parts”) fairly regularly by the age of 5-6   years.  By age 15, almost 100% of boys and 25% of girls have masturbated to the   point of orgasm.  Estimates of the rate of adult masturbation are about 95-99%   of men and 40-60% of women.   Find out more about childhood habits   and annoying behaviors



What to do

Don’t panic. Masturbation is a completely normal thing to do. It doesn’t cause physical harm, pose a health risk, or mean your child is going to turn into a sex maniac. Masturbation in young children isn’t sexual (as it is for adults) because young children don’t know what sex is.

And although explicit sex play in older children is often a tip-off to sexual abuse or exposure to inappropriate sexual material, this is extremely unlikely to be the case with young children


Be very cognizant of the fact that the majority, if not all of , the employees of Loudoun CPS are not aware of  the latest research or any research for the matter. They only know what they are taught as part of the CWS 2031 course.  As you are in the Courtroom listening to Glenney ramble on as well as the CPS investigator – who will be a babbling idiot – do not be surprised if the subject of masturbation comes up; nightmares and masturbation.  Keep in mind that Glenney’s  expert witness will testify that masturbation is indicative of abuse, particularly Dr. Mary Lindahl. I need to add that the psychologist that Glenney uses will not be aware of the latest research on child masturbation. If you and your attorney will research the subject of child masturbation , you can take away this part of Glenney’s case.

Glenney is a one-hit wonder and is unable to change or modify her strategy in Court. You can easily refute Glenney with knowledge of the research. In the meantime you will be educating the judge as well, this is very important as you will not have the benefit of a jury trial.  You cannot allow the judge to be taken in by Glenney’s non-sense.




Loudoun County - Sandra Glenney is obsessed with child masturbation