Loudoun County - Sandra Glenney needs to resign


Time is the mother of truth and truth the daughter of time, an excerpt  from the “Modest Enquiry into Witchcraft “(Salem Witch trials).  Time has proven that the Salem Witch Trials were hideous. Time has also proven that spectral evidence , which was the type of evidence that condemned innocent people to death during the trials , was fraudulent evidence. Time has also proven Assistant County Attorney Sandra Glenney needs to resign or be terminated. Time has also proven ex-CPS Investigator Benjamin Smith to be dishonest and unfit to ever work as a Social Worker.  Time has also proven that the local CPS agency in Loudoun is corrupt and incompetent.

Fast forward to today,  change the location to Loudoun County  and trade witchcraft accusations with child abuse allegations. This is the world that Sandra Glenney operates in.  Don’t forget to swap spectral evidence with psychological testimony.  When Sandra Glenney drags an innocent parent into Court, all the cards are in her favor. She is on good terms with the judges in the Juvenile and Circuit Court.  To top it off she is only required to meet the “Preponderance of Evidence” burden of proof, which means there is a chance that the events happened. The burden of proof is extremely low.

If this isn’t enough, the CPS investigator assigned to a case will do anything to please Sandra Glenney. For this Glenney will look the other way when the CPS investigator bends the rules.  Benjamin Smith is a classic example of a CPS investigator  who will do anything that she wants.  She, even gets to hand-pick the psychologist who will serve on the case;could she ask for anything more?

With all of  these advantages, she stills finds the need to cut corners and withhold evidence; in essence she cheats. In one case she intentionally , along with the CPS investigator, withheld DNA results from the accused. The document above represents this, the email  details the results of the DNA results, to Glenney’s chagrin they were negative. Her action was to conceal it, not only her but former CPS investigator Benjamin Smith as well. Keep in mind it was a requirement to release the results of the tests. He chose not to, more than likely Glenney instructed him not to release the results.  In a criminal case this would be known as a Brady Violation, however in Loudoun Civil Court this is accepted.  Glenney withheld the above results from accused and the accused’s attorney.

Glenney is the ringleader in all of the cases involving Loudoun County CPS. She doesn’t care about children or families. She only cares about her win loss ratio. Inexplicably she was a recipient of a SCAN  (Stop Child Abuse Now) award. She also received a commendation  from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. She was described as an “inspiration in the Courtroom”.

She certainly is an inspiration, she is an inspiration for change and inspiration to make CPS hearings public.  In short, do not trust Sandra Glenney to behave ethically during a CPS hearing. You and your attorney needs to be aggressive with Glenney and CPS, do not be misled into thinking that they will behave ethically.




Loudoun County - Sandra Glenney needs to resign