Loudoun County – Sandra Glenney is our Kim Davis



By now, it is well-known that Kim Davis, Court Clerk, in Rowan County has been taken into custody for defying an order to  issue licenses for same-sex marriage. Her finding of contempt is justified and needed. In Loudoun, we have our own version of Kim Davis, which is Sandra Glenney. Ms. Glenney is of he same mindset as of Kim Davis.

They are similar in that they both hold very strong but yet bizarre beliefs which influence their decision making process. In the case of Sandra Glenney, her belief that children are abused at an alarming rate by preying fathers dictates her bizarre behavior. Sandra Glenney is troubled, in her opinion every behavior of a child is evidence of abuse. Glenney aligns herself with such characters as Lisa Hunt and Dr. Mary Lindahl. Lindahl is the same as Glenney, all behaviors lead to abuse.

One of the more concerning relationships that Glenney maintains is that of Dr. Joyanna Silberg. SIlberg belongs to the ISSTD organization, which believes in repressed memories and Satanic Ritual Abuse. Glenney keeps rather peculiar company.  If you have the misfortune to become involved in a civil matter that involves Sandra Glenney it is important to know her bizarre belief system.  You will not be dealing with a person who is grounded in facts or reason, much like Kim Davis. Glenney expects everyone to see things her way. She is not a reasonable person at all, much like Ms. Davis.

You will also find that Sandra Glenney is preoccupied with sexual matters. She will delve into sexual matters, her interest in sexual matters is concerning.  However she seems to be light on proper research and legal ethics. She is a relic of the legal system in Loudoun. Much like Kim Davis, Sandra Glenney has no place in local Government.

Glenney displays a willingness to disobey Judicial Orders , as Kim Davis does. Glenney is guided by personal beliefs , not the law or the facts. As you are in the Courtroom sitting just a few feet away from Glenney do not feel intimidated or fear. She is not be respected or admired, she is to be met head on with facts,  You cannot reason with her nor can your attorney; don’t even try. Glenney and CPS are to be strongly and aggressively challenged.

You have to understand her mindset, she will believe any claim of abuse.






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