Loudoun County – Sandra Glenney conceals evidence



The above picture was taken as Sandra Glenney was recognized as an award winner from SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now in Northern Virginia). I can think of no one more undeserving  of this award than Sandra Glenney, Lorrie Sinclair or ex-CPS worker Benjamin Smith may provide her strong competition.  I should also mention the psychologists who sell themselves out to Sandra Glenney and Loudoun CPS , they may be equally undeserving.

There was actually promising news this week in Loudoun, evidence was actually revealed to a defendants attorney. I am sure Sandra Glenney is perplexed that a Commonwealth Attorney would provide evidence to a Defense Attorney. This is something she simply does not do.

The following article is quite interesting. This statement caught my attention This afternoon, Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Nicole Wittmann urged Judge Stephen Sincavage to revoke bond based on the results of a new DNA report”. In this particular case the DNA report was provided to the defense. One may suggest that it was provided to the defense because it is evidence of guilt, in Loudoun this is entirely plausible. The intent of this article is to focus on evidence that is provided to the defense, as required by the Brady Act. Perhaps Nicole Wittman abides by the Brady Act but there is one in Loudoun who does not, Assistant County Attorney Sandra Glenney.

This writer has written material that conclusively demonstrates that Sandra Glenney and Loudoun CPS conceals evidence, as in scientific DNA evidence. The material is an email in which Detective Wayne Promisel reports negative DNA results to Sandra Glenney and the CPS investigator (Benjamin Smith). Incredibly, Sandra Glenney did not provide these results to the defendant’s counsel. The same goes for Benjamin Smith. The results were obtained some 9-10 months later with no explanation from Sandra Glenney. This is not an isolated incident with CPS and Glenney this is how they do business.

Sandra Glenney and Loudoun CPS runs a very corrupt organization. She will blatantly break any statute to win her case. CPS willingly goes along with her , following her lead. When questioned as in a FOIA request, the response is the standard response “we have no documents that pertain to tour request”. Even when caught, Ms. Glenney engages in the same pattern of denial and blatant disregard for anyone who questions her. Normally Ms. Glenney will attempt to paint the person raising the issues as problematic and she will use words such as “chilling” to describe the actions of the person questioning her or the local agency.

I am encouraged that the Commonwealth’s Office provided the DNA evidence in the above mentioned case. When evidence is provided, it allows the defense to test it and question it. Glenney and CPS by concealing evidence is basically cheating by withholding evidence. CPS and Glenney have been behaving this way for so long that it seems that have lost all sense of decency as relates to the concept of a fair hearing.

In closing, the accsused and counsel have to be aware that CPS and Glenney are deceitful and very unethical. It is critical to be very aggressive with Glenney, if not she will conceal evidence. CPS is notorious for bad behavior. It will take an outside third party to clean the local agency up, as it stands now it is an abhorrent organization.



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