Loudoun County – Open Letter to the Honorable Jeanette Irby



Dear Judge Irby, I would like to congratulate you on your well deserved appointment to the Loudoun County Circuit Court Bench. It is important to stress the need for a fair Judicial bench in Loudoun County. As a Circuit Court Judge you have the power and authority to grant discovery and order the disclosing of evidence. This is made more important in Loudoun , as there is no open file policy in Loudoun County.

It is important to be aware that prosecutors behave badly and unethical during many cases.  The following article from the New York Times illustrates this fact.

Last month, Alex Kozinski, the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, issued the most stinging indictment of this systemic failure in recent memory. “There is an epidemic of Brady violations abroad in the land,”….. Only judges can put a stop to it.”

Judge Irby you have the power to ensure that all who enter your Courtroom have access to true justice and an opportunity to have a fair hearing.  The events in Ferguson display that there is a tremendous distrust of the legal system, the distrust in the legal system is well founded. The citizens need someone to restore their faith in the system.

It is only wise to inform you as well of the rampant dishonesty of the local  Child Protection Agency in Loudoun; this applies to the management team as well. In the past they were and are all  to comfortable in their unethical behavior.  They seem to be somehow know that the presiding  Judge will not hold them accountable. The citizens are desperately hopeful that CPS will finally be held accountable for their egregious behavior. Please hold CPS accountable for their dishonest behavior and actions.

I feel it necessary to bring to your attention the issues with Sandra Glenney ,  Loudoun County Assistant Attorney. Sandra Glenney makes a mockery of the legal system ,she accomplishes this by using very suspect psychologists as expert witnesses for the County and withholding evidence.  Sandra Glenney will attempt to hijack the legal by process by manipulating every part of the legal process; only a Judge can control Glenney and keep her in check,

Please be aware that the psychologists that will testify for Sandra Glenney and CPS are of a very low quality; their testimony is not based on science nor is it dependable.  The citizens of the 20th Circuit are depending upon you to bring integrity to the Courtroom.





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