Loudoun County – We have a new County Attorney


Loudoun County has a new County Attorney, Mr. Leo P. Rogers. His predecessor, Jack Roberts served as the County Attorney for more than to decades; much tool long.  I had no dealings with Mr. Roberts but the fact that Sandra Glenney secured employment  in his office reflects poorly on Mr. Roberts.  Glenney can only exist in an environment that tolerates  and encourages blatant dishonesty.

As reported by various local media sources, Mr. Rogers was charged with domestic abuse in 2012 , however the charges were dismissed. The dismissal could have been due to the fact that he was i in fact innocent or that it was another example of the system taking care of its own. Either way , the Board made its decision and I will accept that. I do have to say, we are fortunate the Sandra Glenney did not receive the position; if she put in her name in the mix.

Mr. Roger  understands the importance of a fair hearing as he was on the other side of the legal system when he was charged.  Glenney does not understand the concept of presumed innocence and rules of discovery; she is a relic of the way things used to be done. Those things include manipulating  and controlling the Guardian Ad Litem and witness testimony.  She has a firm belief that it is ok to cheat; she cheats quite often without shame.

Personally, I would like to see Mr. Rogers dismiss Sandra Glenney from the office; she cheapens the credibility of the office. If Mr. Rogers happens to be an ethical man and an honest attorney he will not be able to co-exist with Sandra Glenney.

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