Loudoun County National Day of Prayer



Recently elected officials attended the National Day of Prayer Service in Leesburg and some also read from the bible.  The event, ironically, was held in close proximity to the Courthouse, where some of the more unethical and dishonorable decisions are made in this County. If there is a god, he or she would most assuredly be displeased by the actions of the Judiciary in Loudoun County as well as members of the County Attorney’s Office. To be fair all Courthouse and Judicial benches have their share of issues with corruption and credibility.

A god should be more interested in fairness and in justice; both are sometimes in short supply in Loudoun Count, instead of the elected officials going through the motions of the National Day of Prayer, it would be more beneficial if they conducted a little more oversight of our Judiciary in Loudoun County.  I doubt that a deity would be impressed by the National Day of Prayer and of the reading of scripture by local elected officials. Any deity would be more impressed with actions not a publicity stunt.

Religion has its problems and influences people in very negative ways. It is concerning to see elected official participate in this.  It is preferable for elected officials to use logic and reason not religion and superstition. Religion is losing its hold in this country, as well it should be. Religion tends to bring out the absolute worse in people. Religion and prayer are a throwback to the days of superstition and has no place in a modern society. Modern society requires elected officials who use reason and precise thought to make decisions not dependence upon some mythological concept.

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