Loudoun County – Monica Zveare -Typical False accuser part 2




This is part two in the discussion concerning the typical false accuser , the false accuser of child abuse.  The issue of Monica Zveare, a false accuser,  is troubling in so many ways but one of the more concerning aspects of Zveare is the willingness for Loudoun County and the ever incompetent Sandra Glenney to uncritically accepts her claims.  It is not only Glenney, Dr. Mary Lindahl the psychologist chosen by Monica Zveare  who provided the “alleged expert testimony” also uncritically accepted the claims of Zveare.  The fact that Lindahl was chosen by Zevare is highly suspect as Lindahl and Glenney have a very close relationship. It is more likely that Lindahl was heavily recommended to Zveare by Glenney. This was done simply because Dr. Lindahl will provide the testimony that Sandra Glenney wants.

Back to Zveare, the normal false accuser normally has quite a track record of making accusations.  Zveare’s record of making false accusations goes as far back as 2006. In reading the record ,she is a typical ex-spouse who uses the poorly trained social workers of Loudoun County CPS to gain an advantage during custody hearings. One of the more ridiculous claims made by Zveare  was that she believed a child was being drugged by mushrooms. This in itself is ridiculous and is not indicative of a lucid mind , but what Zveare did next illustrates her very precarious grip on reality.

Zveare  failed to follow up on her concerns with a valid drug test. After a thorough review of the record, she informed the pediatrician of her belief. A pediatrician is not the same as a psychologist , especially a psychologist like Dr. Mary Lindahl.  Dr. Lindahl his little or no regard for evidence or standards. Thankfully, in this case the pediatrician did have a regard for science. The doctor arranged for the child to take a drug test to prove or disprove Zveare’s outlandish claims. Zveare chose not to have her claims tested , most false accusers do not want their claims tested. They simply want them to be believed.

This is where Sandra Glenney and Dr. Lindahl show their complete ignorance and disdain for the truth. Glenney did not want the pediatrician to testify and even questioned the pediatrician qualifications and professionalism.  She instead wanted the Court to hear from only her star witness, Dr. Mary Lindahl.  Even when Monica Zveare was discovered to have made outrageous claims, Lindahl and Glenney rushed to protect her and not the child , who was and is subject to Monica Zveare’s precarious hold in reality.

If  CPS really investigated claims in a precise and professional manner and  if psychologists who testified for CPS did not testify to what Gleneny wanted but instead testified to the truth, most false accusers would stay away.  As it stands now , at least in Loudoun false accusers are encouraged , supported and believed,

Unfortunately, as long as Glenney and her psychologists prowl around the Courtroom the false accuser , like Monica Zveare. will be believed.





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