Loudoun County – Monica Zveare , the false accuser prototype




In order for individuals like Sandra Glenney and the miscreants who work for CPS to justify their employment. They need false accusers, I’m not suggesting that all accusations are false – it is unfortunate that some accusations are true. The issue with Glenney and Loudoun County CPS is that they believe that all accusations are true without critically examining the accusing parent or the relevant facts of the case. I am sure why this is, perhaps the answer is that perhaps Glenney and CPS just are not that intelligent. You will find that Sandra Glenney or CPS has no ability to conduct a truthful and fair investigation.


The false accuser is good for business as far as Glenney and CPS goes. Normally false accusers share similar characteristics and traits, enter Monica Zveare the perfect prototype of the false accuser. I would encourage the reader to review the following document that is a small portion of Course CWS 2031, required training for CPS social workers.

One of the more important bullets on the document is number 2 on the list:

Willing to consider other possible explanations for the behavior or statements that aroused suspicion (truthful parent) versus

Unwilling to consider any other explanation for the child’s statements, behavior or symptoms (falsely accusing parent)

Monica Zveare , without question falls under the category of a falsely accusing parent using this criteria.    Ms. Zveare made so many false  claims to CPS over the years, it is difficult to keep count.  It is even more difficult to comprehend why CPS ever took Monica Zveare seriously.  One claim made by Zveare, that was absolutely absurd was the accusation of drugging with mushrooms. She definitely fits the description of a false accuser. It is mothers like Zveare who are harmful to their children. Glenney and CPS neglected to perform the basic investigation of Ms. Zveare, they simply believed her outlandish claims.

If allegations can’t be verified they are willing to let go of the investigatory process (truthful parent)


Shops for professionals who will verify her suspicions and involve the child in multiple examinations, irrespective of the impact the process is having on the child.  (falsely accusing parent)

Ms. Zveare goes to great pains to find incompetent psychologist after psychologist to verify her positions regardless of the impact on the child. Unfortunately , Sandra Glenney has a rolodex full of incompetent and very disreputable psychologists. This is the most unsettling aspect of a false accuser, Sandra Glenney provides an audience for a disturbed parent. It is guaranteed that Sandra Glenney will believe the false accuser.  Sadly, there are quite a few psychologists who will testify to anything to receive the $150 hourly rate that CPS pays.

False accusers, such as Monica Zveare are very damaging to children, as children are very suggestible. As the accused parent it is incumbent upon you to stand firm and not cave. Do not negotiate with Sandra Glenney nor agree to anything with the accusing parent. It is going to be you who the child runs to when everything runs its course, be there for your child.







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