Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair should not be selected as a judge


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It is that time again, we will have a judicial vacancy within the 20th Circuit. As time has gone by more has been learned concerning possible candidate  Lorrie Sinclair.  What was known before was that she was an incompetent Guardian Ad Litem, who does little (if not nothing in the way of an independent investigation). If her behavior as a Guardian Ad Litem is any indication , her performance as a Judge will be concerning; this is putting it mildly.

What is known now is that she actually filed a lawsuit against her sorority in late 2008 because she didn’t like the election results. Moreover she wanted $76k in damages due to Mental anguish that she claimed to suffer. This is not judicial material. It is even more than this , it is hypocritical as the citizens in Loudoun are totally kept in the dark during the judicial process.

However, unlike the past, the internet has changed things. The lawsuit has been discovered on the internet and made available to those who are interested.  A few of the 20th Circuit legislators have a copy of the filing , so they can read it and determine if Lorrie Sinclair warrants consideration for a judicial position. I would argue that it completely disqualifies her. In the upcoming weeks and days more legislators will have a copy of the lawsuit.

This Judicial selection process will be closely monitored and updated here.



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