Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair has questions to answer





If Lorrie Sinclair is nominated to fill the upcoming vacancy on the 20th Circuit Bench, it could be a good thing. I know this is a curious statement but stop and think about it. ┬áIf she’s nominated she would have to face her critics, her critics will have a public forum, I doubt that Ms. Sinclair wants to face her critics her publicly. It could reveal how she truly approaches the legal system.

Does Lorrie Sinclair really want to explain why she did not conduct a thorough investigation into the false memorandum submitted by Christopher and Monica Zveare? Does she want the legislators to hear how she refused to contact the US State Department to obtain critical information such as medical records? She is a compete debacle as a Guardian Ad Litem. Does she want to explain publicly how she overlooked Monica Zveare’s mental health issues?


The lawsuit, we cannot forget her lawsuit against the sorority. She claimed that she suffered $76k in damages, including mental anguish. SInclair is of course a very poor choice, however if she is nominated it is a great opportunity for the public to learn about her.




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