Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair possible Judicial Candidate



The 20th Circuit  will have a vacancy on the Circuit Court as of the end of this year; Judge McCahill will be retiring. I am not sure yet but Lorrie Sinclair may put her name into the hat for the position.  The way the process works when there is a vacancy is that the local bar will provide a list of candidates. Sinclair  has been a Circuit Court candidate twice, unsuccessfully, She may be a candidate again.

The reasons that make Sinclair are numerous, Primarily, she does not understand the importance of discovery. There are deeps concerns that as a judge she will not allow discovery to the defense, As a Guardian Ad Litem, she displayed a complete lack of interest in discovery.  Discovery is a critical aspect of the justice system, Sinclair has displayed a willingness to dismiss discovery.

Another concern is her close relationship to the Office of the County Attorney and the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney. She may not be an impartial arbiter of justice.  As a Guardian Ad Litem she is definitely not impartial; anything that Sandra Glenney wanted Sinclair provided. Her impartiality is in question.

We can only hope that the Local Bar does not recommend Sinclair to the 20th Circuit legislators.




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