Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair is not the new Circuit Court Judge



There is excellent news for the citizens of Loudoun County, We have a new judge and it is not Lorrie Sinclair. This is good news and we , the citizens, can only hope that she abandons her quest to become a judge.

It was crucial that she failed to become a judge. In theory, the way our judicial system works, the judge is the gatekeeper , an  un-biased gatekeeper. A judge decides when to grant discovery and in what quantity to grant discovery. The judge decides what objections to sustain and overrule. The judge should be an impartial critical component of the courtroom. Sadly, in some cases, the judge takes an anti-defendant position.

in the case of Lorrie Sinclair, she demonstrated multiple times , that she is not an advocate for a fair hearing.  When teaming with Sandra Glenney, she is solidly in the corner of Ms. Glenney regardless of the facts.

Loudoun, be thankful, we dodged a bullet.

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