Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair is not the judicial nominee




Loudoun County can be proud of the  nominee for the current judicial vacancy in the 20th Circuit. The nominee is Alex Levay, pictured above on the left, this is a candidate that we can be proud of.  Mr. Levay served in the Public Defender office , which is a huge benefit,  Perhaps more importantly , Mr. Levay was the attorney who fought and secured the freedom of Bruce McLaughlin.  It is important to note here that Lorrie Sinclair served as the Assistant Commonwealth Attorney during the re-trial of Mr. McLaughlin.  Yes, she sought to keep an innocent man in prison.

Levay’s effort in gaining McLaughlin’s freedom was monumental. He discovered the audio tapes of the interviews with Mr. McLaughlin’s children,  The tapes were revealing, the social workers and investigators were feeding the children information.

Levay, is a candidate that we should be proud of.


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