Loudoun County - Lorrie Sinclair is not judicial material



As the Delegates and Senators are in session in Richmond, there is an item on the budget that is up for  discussion.  This budget item would fund a new judgeship for Loudoun County on the Circuit Bench.  Loudoun County has many things and people to be ashamed of.  Sandra Glenney comes to mind, she is an assistant County Attorney in Loudoun.  She is the epitome of all that is  wrong with Loudoun County and its judicial system.

Laurie Warhol , a manager for Child Protective Services, provides quite a bit of shame for Loudoun. In fact,  all of Child Protective Services is an embarrassment. Loudoun doesn’t need anymore shame.  If Lorrie Sinclair were to be appointed to the vacant judgeship, it would be a tremendous setback for Loudoun County and quite embarrassing.

It would also ensure that, at least.  in Sinclair’s Courtroom justice would not prevail.  In a  recent case in Loudoun, that was brought to my attention. Ms. Sinclair acted as the Guardian Ad Litem, key word “acted”. In this particular case she never conducted an independent investigation. She never spoke to a real doctor. She accepted the word of  Sandra Glenney’s hand-picked expert, Dr. Mary Lindahl without criticism. She immediately formed her opinion about the case without reviewing the facts of the case.

The memorandum , located at top, submitted by Christopher Zveare was received by Lorrie Sinclair. Ms. Sinclair was told that the document had many errors and was more than likely fake. Sinclair, however,  did nothing to investigate this.  It is sickening , for a  potential judge to sit in Court and allow fraudulent evidence to come in. There is no reason to believe that she will be any different if she is appointed a judge.


Loudoun County - Lorrie Sinclair, Christopher Zveare