Loudoun County – Why Lorrie Sinclair should not be a judge


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A judge is a very serious and critical position within out society; it is not to be taken lightly. That is why Lorrie Sinclair should not be considered as a  judge in Loudoun County.  Sinclair has attempted to become a judge three times and failed. Lets examine why she should not be selected as a judge.

Sinclair evidently does not understand the importance of discovery. Discovery is a critical portion of a civil and criminal trial. It allows both sides to come into a trial equally prepared.  As evidence of her lack of understanding of the importance of discovery, simply look at the curious case of Christopher Zveare who was allowed free reign to submit one fraudulent document after the next in a case involving Sinclair. She showed no will or inclination to investigate this fraudulent memorandum.  She allowed Zveare’s fraud to occur.

Secondly,  Sinclair has not shown the ability to decipher between actual science and junk science. The most relevant example of this,  is the case of Bruce McLaughlin, who was falsely accused of child abuse. During the trial Ms. Sinclair was exposed to the testimony of Dr. Maggie Bruck , who is a well respected expert in Child Suggestibility. Sinclair also heard the tapes of the actual interview with McLaughlin’s children, which ran counter to all of the known research on suggestibility and interviewing techniques. She sided with the incompetent investigators of Loudoun County instead of real science.

Also, she is a former Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, this could indicate bias in favor of the prosecution.  Some Commonwealth Attorney’s tend to view the position of a judge as a promotion not the incredible responsibility that it is.  The question has to be posed , does Sinclair understand the details and elements of a fair trail.

The memorandum with Zveare is extremely concerning , Sinclair as a former Assistant Commonwealth Attorney should have realized the importance of verifying the document.  She chose not to, it is reasonable to believe that this behavior by Sinclair would continue if she became a judge.






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