Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair isn’t worth $162,000



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Lorrie Sinclair isn’t worth $162,000 , the salary of a Circuit Judge in Loudoun. Hello readers, Loudoun County had a few developments this week. Most notably, Douglas Fleming Jr. was sworn in as the new Circuit Judge in Loudoun County; congratulations to the Honorable Douglas Fleming.  Congratulations to the delegates and senators who chose Fleming instead of Lorrie Sinclair.  Sinclair has failed twice to obtain the support of the delegates and senators; the citizens would be better off if Sinclair abandoned her judicial aspirations.

A judicial ruling is a powerful aspect of the legal system, it has deep and far-reaching consequences. A judicial order can transfer wealth, change custody, allow or deny evidence and send someone to jail or prison. It is not to be taken lightly. This is why Lorrie Sinclair cannot become a judge, she does not have the temperament, legal acumen and critical thinking skills to perform judicial duties competently.

In addition , a Circuit Judge in Loudoun has a base salary of $162,000 dollars.  This is a hefty salary with responsibilities that justify the salary. Sinclair is simply not judicial material. She has to many ties to the County Attorney’s office, the local sheriff’s office and the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. It is hard to imagine she would even entertain the idea of a fair hearing. This is crucial to our legal system, citizens are not guaranteed a perfect hearing but we are entitled to a fair hearing. Sinclair is beholden to the likes of Sandra Glenney  to ensure a fair hearing; she is to prejudicial.

Sinclair is either devoid of any critical thinking skills or she allows her prejudices to cloud her judgment. The document above, which is a forgery and was demonstrably proven to be false was accepted by Lorrie Sinclair without questions and without inquiry. No one can be this incompetent, there is a point where incompetence is not a satisfactory explanation. In this particular case, Sinclair allowed her prejudices to control her judgment instead of reason.

She has failed as  a Guardian Ad Litem and will continue to fail as a Guardian Ad Litem. She will fail  miserably as a judge , as a judge her prejudices will have a horrible effect on Loudoun. It was a bright moment in Loudon this week when Douglas Fleming was sworn in, it is even brighter that Sinclair was not sworn in.




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