Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair, Buta Biberaj how to become a judge



How does one become a judge? In a more developed and intellectual locality , which Loudoun is not, it would be based off of merit and a very opened process; neither which is true in Loudoun or in Virginia for that matter.

Despite the official document  that describes the judicial selection process, it doesn’t mean anything. It satisfies the public and leads the public to believe that the process is formal and stringent. The process is not managed and it is high-jacked by the local bar associations.   The selection process is unknown and hidden from the public. It is good ol’boy  or girl system, this is all it is. The candidates are usually rubber stamped by the legislators , the legislators for the most part are not equipped to ask the proper questions of a candidate. The citizens would be better served by flipping a coin to select the candidates. It would ensure the selection of a better judge.

The following words are the writer’s speculation only, time is the mother of truth and only time will tell if the following words will depict  what will happen in the near future.

Lorrie Sinclair, who the writer feels, is a horrible choice for a judge and should not be giving the benefit of being a candidate has recently joined the firm of  Biberaj, Snow and Sinclair as of January 1,  2015. On the surface no big deal, however Ms. Biberaj is the president-elect of the Loudoun County Bar Association.  This in itself is no big deal, unless you consider that fact that the local bar forwards candidates to the 20th Circuit legislators  for consideration  to fill  a judicial vacancy.

If my speculation is correct, Lorrie Sinclair has positioned herself quite nicely with the local bar; being a partner in the same firm with the president-elect of the local bar would increase your chances of being forwarded again as a candidate for a judicial vacancy in Loudoun County. Sinclair has already on numerous times attempted to become a judge. At this point she may  be willing to go to extremes to become a judge.  If this occurs it will fly under the radar out of view of the public. If she is successful, she will have somehow manipulated Virginia’s very flawed process of judicial selection.  This type of manipulation should not be awarded by our legislators but there is a chance that it may be.

I will keep the reader updated as this progresses.


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