Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair aspires to be a candidate once again



The list of candidates who aspire to be the next judge in the 20th Circuit has been released. Incredibly , once again Lorrie Sinclair has placed her name in the running; I am stunned.  This is her third attempt to ascend to the Circuit Court bench in Loudoun County.  Fortunately for the citizens , there is one candidate on the list who is deserving of the appointment; I am speaking of Alexander Levay.

Why is he the better candidate, the primary reason is that he restored freedom to an  innocent man , Bruce McLaughlin. The following link has the story.

By then, McLaughlin had hired a new lawyer, Alexander Levay, who did what McLaughlin’s first trial attorney had not done—he compared the transcripts of interviews with the children with recordings of those interviews. He discovered that in some places the transcript said the children had said “yes” when asked if they were molested, but the tapes showed the children had not answered at all. Levay filed a state petition for a writ of habeas corpus seeking a new trial.”

Eventually Levay won McLaughlin’s freedom after a second trail. The ironic point here is that the Assistant Commonwealth Attorney during the re-trail was none other than Lorrie Sinclair. Here we have an attorney who did the most noble act of all, corrected an injustice and restored freedom to a falsely convicted man. On the opposite of the ledger is Lorrie Sinclair who attempted to deny an innocent man of his freedom. I wasn’t at the trial but according to all document the evidence was meager and  certain evidence was withheld. Yet,  Sinclair was on board for the re-trial, to attempt to deny an innocent man his freedom.

It is inconceivable that the Loudoun Bar could  or would recommend Lorrie Sinclair again for consideration while not recommending Levay. If the legislators accept Sinclair and choose Sinclair as the next judge, it simply means that the process is corrupt and justice takes second place to cronyism.

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