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Ladies and gentlemen of Loudoun County, I cannot overstate the problems of our leadership in Loudoun County.  We have quite a wall of shame , a growing wall of shame in Loudoun County. To this infamous wall we can now add Laurie Warhol of the  Loudoun Department of Family Services. This writer is convinced that the Department in Loudoun is overrun with incompetence and a lack of integrity, To this mixture we can add ignorance. In short the agency needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up.


An anonymous reader has sent me the following link for the Unity of Fairfax Church in Oakton, Virginia. Evidently Laurie Warhol is the bookstore manager at the church, this is not the issue. I am a firm believer that everyone has the right to believe or not to believe in any religion. I personally find religion to be very damaging to the individual as it dulls the intellect but I will concede it is only my opinion which very well could be flawed. I am also a very strong believer that religion and government should not mix, evidently Laurie Warhol does not believe this.

The issue with Laurie Warhol is that she is using her Loudoun County email address on the church’s website for a program called “Spiritual Social Action“. This is an issue in that it makes the appearance that Loudoun Department of Family Services endorses and has a connection with Unity of Fairfax, they do not. In fact it is abundantly clear that an employee of Loudoun County should only use their email for official County business.

Laurie Warhol , as a manager should know the rules and she should know not to use her Loudoun County email address but instead use her personal email.  I need to reiterate that she has had a long tenure with the Department of Family Services ,there is no excuse. I will argue that this is typical of the management team of the Loudoun Department of Family Services.  The feel that they operate above any rules of regulations.

Laurie Warhol exemplifies what is wrong with the Department of Family Services, they operate without boundaries and make their own rules. These are the people who are entrusted with protecting families, as demonstrated by Laurie Warhol they can’t even follow County Policy.


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