Loudoun County Judicial System - CPS and Sandra Glenney


chrisThe system is designed to grind you down and make you quit. The Loudoun County Judicial System, mainly as it concerns Loudoun County CPS and Sandra Glenney, is designed to break up families. The stress of being engulfed in the system can be overwhelming; it feels like you are drowning with no way to save yourself. This brings me to the story of Chris Mackney, the following blog “Chris Mackney – A Casualty of Family Court”, eloquently describes the case of Mr. Mackney. I pay my respects to Mr. Mackney, as I understand the incredible stress he was facing. The post is dedicated to Mr. Mackney.

If a reader is involved with Loudoun CPS or CPS from any other county, the following rules apply.

1. They are not there to help

2. They are poorly trained

3.They will conceal evidence

4. They will commit perjury in Court

5. They will violate Virginia FOIA laws.

In the case of Loudoun and Fairfax the following psychologists are frequently used Dr. Mary Lindahl, Dr. William Ling, Lisa Hunt and Dr. Christopher Lane. In Loudoun, if Sandra Glenney is the attorney representing CPS do the following.

1. Subpoena all recordings

2. Subpoena the police notes as well

3.If Dr. Lindahl is selected by CPS, ensure that your attorney subpoenas her notes immediately. Do not rely on Dr. Lindahl’s testimony under oath testimony to reveal critical information.

4. Record every meeting with CPS on a tape recorder, if CPS is not being taped they will untruthful.

5. Do not sign anything; do not allow your attorney to pressure you into signing anything.

6. If Lisa Hunt of Fairfax is used to perform an evaluation, it is important to know that Lisa Hunt and Dr. Lindahl are very close. Ask Lisa Hunt very pointed questions about her relationship with Dr. Lindahl and Dr. Christopher Lane.

7. Sandra Glenney will attempt to use her psychologist as a weapon and will attempt to limit any critical cross-examination of their chosen expert. Ensure your attorney obtains a discovery order to avoid a trial by ambush by Sandra Glenney.

8. When Dr. Lindahl testifies, ask her very specifically has my son or daughter ever recanted. It is preferable to have her notes before she is allowed to testify.

Loudoun County Judicial System - CPS and Sandra Glenney