Loudoun County Judicial – Alex Levay vs. Lorrie Sinclair



The two attorney’s above are a study in contrast, a stark  contrast. Alex Levay on the left, Lorrie Sinclair on the right.  They are connected by one case, the case of Bruce McLaughlin.  Levay exonerated McLaughlin, while Sinclair sought to keep McLaughlin imprisoned.  Levay’s work in the case was brilliant. It included finding evidence that was not presented during the original trial and presenting the theory of Child Suggestibility during the retrial.  Sinclair’s position on the case was of a somewhat differ nature. One could say, it was to maintain the status quo regardless of the truth.

Ask yourself, who do you want to be a judge. Who would you prefer to hear your case. These are questions that must be asked when selecting a judge.  Do you want Lorrie Sinclair who attempted to send an innocent man back to prison. The good news is the Levay is the official candidate for the current Judicial Vacancy.  The following article describes possible budget concerns which may suspend Mr. Levay’s appointment.  However, I am encouraged by the following statement in the article.

“Levay, who was overwhelming endorsed for the judgeship by the Loudoun Bar Association, traveled to Richmond last week to meet with legislators who are expected to vote on the appointment—if a position is funded—within the next few weeks. If the budget amendment is approved, the seat could be filled on July 1.”

It is good news that Levay was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Bar, it is  a somber fact that that Sinclair was the bar’s choice after Levay; this is concerning.  It may be a few years before there is another Judicial vacancy in Loudoun. It is possible that Sinclair will be a candidate when there is a future vacancy. We have to remain vigilant , it would be tremendously bad if Sinclair would ever be selected as a judge.

Levay needs to be selected as a Judge, he understands discovery and its importance. He understands what a fair trial is.  He understands junk science testimony and how to recognize it,  Keep in mind, if Lorrie  Sinclair had her way an innocent would have been sent back to prison,


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