Loudoun County – Judge Thomas D. Horne is it justice or “just us”



Without a doubt Judges have a difficult and unenviable job , if they do it correctly. Sadly some judges follow the lead  of the prosecutor or if it is a civil manner , the representative from the County Attorney’ office.  When I say follow the lead, the uncritically accept the version of events that a Sandra Glenney will present to the Court.  This is why some question whether it is the justice system or the “just us” system.  Without question as far as the  Loudoun County Attorney’s office is concerned  it is a “just us system”.  If you are a litigant in a civil matter in a Loudoun County room, be aware that the legal community is very small in Loudoun.  You are an outsider and you are walking into a “just us” environment,

No one is perfect , not even the “Epitome of Fairness” Judge Thomas Dr. Horne.  Judges can be misled, fooled by witnesses and taken in by expert witnesses. In the very tragic case of Jonathan Montgomery , who was convicted and spent four years for sexual child abuse before being exonerated after his accuser admitted she lied all the way through the trial to his conviction.  Mr. Montgomery received a bench trial which was presided over by a very experienced judge , Randolph T. West. Montgomery received a bench trial , in which a Judge decides the verdict not a jury. During the trial,  Judge West decided to believe the accuser and not Mr. Montgomery. Judge West found Mr. Montgomery guilty only to have the accuser admit she made the whole thing up years later, The Judge was wrong and fooled by the accuser. Below is a statement made by the Judge after the accuser admitted she lied.

Judge Randolph T. West, who presided over Mr. Montgomery’s trial in 2008, said he was mortified to learn of Ms. Coast’s deception. “You will never forget this, and God knows, I will never forget it,” the judge told Mr. Montgomery in a hearing last week.

This example is important in that during a case involving CPS and Sandra Glenney, the matter will be heard not by a jury but by a Judge. Your relationship with your child will be decided by a single person , the Judge.  Which, in Virginia ,  is  especially in Loudoun County is concerning as public input for judicial selection as almost nil.  The Montgomery case exemplifies the dangers of only having a judge decide the case.

Judges could be biased, this is always a concern. Some judges may feel it their duty to side with the State or County. In Loudoun,  Judge Horne seems to be very tolerant of Glenney’s practices and tends to follow her lead and the advice of the expert witnesses that Glenney uses. Horne has done this despite it  not being in the best interests of the child.

Judge West expressed remorse at his wrong decision, Judge Horne in a specific case did not express remorse after a poor decision involving a child. He doubled down on his bias when he was proven wrong. In Loudoun , it is not justice , it is “just us”.  Do not be surprised when the Courts in Loudoun do not allow evidence to be heard or overlooks bad behavior by the County, in fact expect it.







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