Loudoun County – Judge Thomas Horne and Christopher Zveare


zvearesolohornememorandum (2)


It is still quite amazing that Christopher Zveare submitted such an obviously fake memorandum in Judge Horne’s Courtroom in Loudoun County.  It only highlights the dishonesty of Christopher Zveare and the dishonesty of Judge Horne. It also sheds light on the inner workings of the Courts in Loudoun; anything goes in Loudoun.

Zveare’s memorandum was debunked at each and every hearing but Horne kept the train moving and continuously denied discovery to the opposing counsel.  More information has been gathered about Zveare and the memorandum. We know that Zveare was employed by the US State Department when the memorandum was submitted.  We know that the employment dates on the memorandum are incorrect. With all of this knowledge,  Judge Horne consistently refused to allow discovery.

This particular case exemplifies the state of the Courts in Loudoun. In Loudoun judges allow perjury and fake documents without any hesitation.  As time goes by more facts are coming forward concerning Christopher Zveare and his employment with the US State Department.  Zveare’s actions in Court are coming under scrutiny now.


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