Loudoun County - Judge Thomas D. Horne needs to get off the bench

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It is time for Judge Horne to leave the Loudoun County Circuit Bench, there are better trained judges who are more capable of impartially residing over cases.  The newer judges will hopefully be more consistent in their rulings. The following article  in Leesburg today describes the murder trial of Anthony R. Roberts.

Judge Horner statements could be construed as very hypocritical in his statements in the article.  The attorney’s for Mr. Robert’s filed a motion inquiring into the selection of the grand jury who indicted Roberts.  If the motion is granted Horne would have to recuse himself as he was the architect of the Loudoun’s jury selection system. Horne has quite a legacy in Loudoun, his impact is widespread as you can see.

It would be wise for Robert’s attorneys to remove Judge Horne from the case, Horne is not consistent in his rulings and is prone to allow very questionable evidence to be presented in his Courtroom. One of the more incompetent rulings of Judge Thomas D. Horne allowed the entry of a false memorandum submitted by Christopher Zveare. Horne denied all attempts to impeach the memorandum, one can only believe that Horne knew the document was a fraud and that it wouldn’t survive any scrutiny.

More concerning in the article was the statement  “Horne had indicated during an earlier motions hearing that he had be asked to preside over the Roberts case even after the newly appointed Circuit Court Judge, Douglas Fleming Jr., takes the bench in August.”.

One has to ask, who asked Judge Horne to reside over the case, more than likely the office of the Commonwealth Attorney asked Horne. In the case involving Zveare, Zveare and his attorney were incredibly confident that Horne would allow the evidence to be entered and that he Horne would prevent any attempt to impeach Zveare’s memorandum. In this case the CA’s office is very confident that Horne will see things there way.

There is a myth that has been created about Judge Horne, the myth implies that Judge Horne is fair and wise in his rulings. This myth can be contested, it can be contested using the blatantly fraudulent memorandum that Zveare submitted, which Horne allowed in.

When it comes to Judge Horne do not buy into the myth of his judicial fairness and wisdom. Loudoun will be better of when he no longer resides over cases.


Loudoun County - Judge Thomas D. Horne needs to get off the bench