Loudoun County – Judge Thomas D. Horne, Lorrie Sinclair and Christopher Zveare




How low and disgusting can events become in a Loudoun County Courtroom, pretty low and disgusting. The Courtroom can easily devolve into a kangaroo court, where any fabricated evidence is uncritically accepted by the Court. Especially, when it involves Judge Thomas D. Horne, Lorrie Sinclair and Christopher Zveare.

The one of many documents submitted by Christopher Zveare to the “Epitome of Fairness”  Judge Horne had red flags from the beginning, red flags  that the document was fraudulent.  The initial memorandum submitted by Zveare stated that he had been employed by the US Government since 1998, Please contrast this to Zveare’s under oath testimony under cross-examination.

Q. Have you worked for the United States Government continuous since December 16th of 1998
to the present?

Zveare A. Consistently since  1998?

Q. Yes, sir.

Zveare A. No.

Q. What periods of time have you not worked  for the government from 1998 to the present time?
MR.  John BYRNES (Zveare’s attorney) : Objection to relevance.

THE COURT Judge Thomas D. Horne : Sustained. I think you’ve

made your point.

Christopher admitted under oath that he had not worked for the Government since 1998 , which impeached the document Zveare submitted.  Judge Horne heard this and did not seem to care that he was provided a fraudulent document by Zveare.   This document was the only evidence submitted by Zveare as evidence for a mandatory relocation which would have separated a child from the child’s biological permanently.

Judge Horne , one would think in the interest of justice, would allow the truth to shine on the matter.  Horne did the opposite and prevented any type of discovery for the biological parent.  Reading the transcripts, it was clear that the fix was in. More discouraging was that several attorneys were in the Courtroom, including Lorrie Sinclair who was a judicial candidate at the time , that heard Zveare’s testimony and no one took the time to investigate further. It was disgraceful how the Court conducted itself in this matter. The attorneys also were remiss in their duties to ascertain to the truth.

This is not an isolated incident, Loudoun is a very backwards county and the judicial system is extremely antiquated. For instance, Judge Horne selected Lorrie Sinclair to be a substitute judge, It was essentially a kangaroo Court that day  , the biological parent had no chance at a hearing.

The hypocrisy in a Loudoun Courtroom is astounding and discouraging. The arbiters of justice seem to be easily deceived.



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