Loudoun County – Judge Thomas D. Horne and Christopher Zveare



How low could Judge Horne and Christopher Zveare go, one only needs to look at the memorandum that Christopher Zveare submitted in Horne’s courtroom. It speaks volumes about Judge Horne and his courtroom. It is a tragedy that  Zveare hasn’t  been prosecuted yet for perjury or that Horne has not been sanctioned for allowing such fraudulent evidence in his Courtroom.

Zveare alleged that the document was from his employer, the  US Department of State.  Horne , whether due to indifference or incompetence allowed the evidence to come in. It was a disgrace to the legal system. Zveare made one false statement after the other and Horne did not seem to care or notice.

Horne is gone now, he should have long ago. As far as Zveare  is concerned, his troubles have perhaps just begun.

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