Loudoun County – Judge Thomas D. Horne (Chicanery in Loudoun)


zvearesolohornememorandum (2)

It is apparent now that Judge Thomas D Horne lacks any appreciable critical thinking skills, more disturbing is his lack of courage in doing the right thing. Did Judge Thomas D. Horne serve as a tool for Christopher Zveare, more than likely yes. There is no way that an “esteemed” judge could be taken in by the assertion from Zveare that this memorandum was from the US State Department especially when Zveare admitted that his employment dates on the memorandum were incorrect.


Let’s contrast the cowardice of Judge Horne with Cook County Judge Franklin Valderrama who ordered the release of a tragic police shooting video that has resulted in the arrest of police officer. Judge Valderrama, decision was extremely courageous as it was going to expose possible corruption within the Chicago PD, it now seems that the mayor may resign as well. The Judge showed quite the courage and devotion to his sworn duty,

Sadly, Judge Horne as well as Lorrie Sinclair assisted Zveare in his fraud. The stakes were high with Zveare, the relationship a father and daughter were on the line. Judge Horne still chose to act in his cowardly fashion. Judge Horne is no Judge Franklin Valderrama. I will add the Lorrie Sinclair is no Judge Valderrama.


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