Loudoun County – Jim Plowman needs to be replaced



As stated before, Loudoun County is somewhat of a backwards county but it is making progress to modernization. Its backwardness is not related to any type of technological deficiencies, but rather its mentality. Loudoun is stuck in generations past , its leaders are stuck in generations past. For example,  a Confederate Statue had resided in front of the Courthouse since 1908. The County has antiquated ideas that still pervade today throughout the local Government; the ideas are no longer needed nor are they useful.

The antiquated ideas extend to its Criminal Justice System, most notably is the horrid Sandra Glenney. I can spend many words expounding the issues with Sandra Glenney but I will refrain, this post concerns Jim Plowman, the Commonwealth Attorney.  Jim Plowman, in my mind , has cemented his legacy by refusing to try the case of the recently indicted Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputy  John Gregory.  Plowman has requested the a Commonwealth Attorney from a different county handle the case,   by doing this Plowman is avoiding his duties as the Commonwealth Attorney. The Commonwealth Attorney who has been recommended is from Fauquier  County. who is non-other than James Fisher. Fisher ironically served as a  prosecutor in Loudoun under Jim Plowman. It seems the fix is in to ensure Gregory is acquitted.

The following is a description of the function of the office:

“The Commonwealth’s Attorney is one of five constitutional officers in the Loudoun County government. The primary function of the office is to investigate and prosecute felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and juvenile criminal cases in concert with local and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as complaints from private citizen

Notice it doesn’t say except when the accused is a Loudoun County Deputy.  Mr. Plowman may have a valid reason for not wanting the case but he has been extremely quite about it , not making any statements. This is contrary to his verbal assault on Shawn Williams. He has been  very talkative and public concerning Mr. Williams past, keyword being  past; in this case an event that occurred almost 10 years ago. Some would call this hypocritical, I struggle to find a different explanation for Plowman’ silence on the matter.

It seems that Plowman will use Fisher to go through the motions of prosecuting Gregory  without ever intending to pursue the truth.  Fishser served under Plowman for years, which means that he is very close to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office. Their close relationship needs to be examined and perhaps Fisher should decline to take the case.

John W. Gregory deserves a fair hearing , if he is innocent the charges should be dismissed or he should be found innocent.  On the other hand, if he is guilty the prosecution needs to be equipped and motivated to find the truth.  The close relationship between Fisher and Plow casts doubt on the sincerity of the prosecution.





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