Loudoun County – The failure and corruption of CPS




Loudoun County CPS is a complete abysmal  failure of an organization, this is due  in large part to the incompetence of the management team which consists of  Ellen Grunewald and Laurie Warhol. CPS is also a failure due to the absolute tyrannical behavior of Sandra Glenney. Glenney is the ring leader, do not forget this; she is the face of the troubled organization.. Loudoun CPS is not alone in its incompetence and corruption. Incompetence plagues CPS agencies around the country. Loudoun is especially incompetent as it is such a small county and avoids any type of scrutiny.


I will introduce the reader to the infamous Wenatchee case. There are numerous cases which are tragic  , however the Wenatchee case encompasses the crux of the problem with CPS , psychologists and the handling of abuse cases. If you are involved in a case with Loudoun CPS , it is to your benefit to become familiar with the Wenatchee case.  Loudoun suffers from the same incompetence as did Wenatchee, perhaps more.  It s important to realize that CPS is a  very dysfunctional and dishonest organization. Also, Glenney will portray to the Court a very caring and professional organization. This is no reality, you need to pull back the curtain and expose the myth that Glenney presents. Keep in mind that the intelligence of Glenney and others associated with CPS are lacking much like Wenatchee.

To summarize the Wenatchee case, an incompetent detective Robert Perez  – in Loudoun Wayne Promisel comprises this role, went on a crusade to find and arrest suspected child abusers. Perez, who has since passed, violated the accused rights of due process, bullied and pressured children into making false accusations. In what should had been an obvious red flag, his two foster daughters made the initial claims of abuse. It was testified to by one of Perez’s daughters that he coerced and intimidated them into making false accusations of abuse. Usually, in false accusation cases, the children are bullied into making false accusations.

In Loudoun, Dr. Mary Lindahl is used to solicit “disclosures” from your child.   Lindah works hand in hand with the accusing parent in obtaining a disclosure. The following is a classic strategy of Sandra Glenney, she will file an emergency order of protection in Juvenile Domestic Court, She will then shop for a doctor who can produce the holy grail of CPS a “disclosure”. The disclosure is obtained through several intense and incompetent hours of therapy administered by an incompetent therapist like Dr. Mary Lindahl. Lindahl is very efficient at obtaining disclosures no matter how much this will traumatize the child.

As mentioned before, the initial accusers in the Wenatchee case were the foster children of Detective Robert Perez.  This should have been a red flag. The interview techniques of CPS and their psychologists uses bullying to obtain what they term “disclosures”. This is Glenney’s favorite question to ask Dr. Lindahl, has the child made any disclosures. Lindahl’s goal in therapy is to produce disclosures, that is what she seeks not the truth. This was the goal in the Wenatchee case, obtain disclosures and not the truth.

An excellent source of material for the Wenatchee case is a series of reports titled “The Power to Harm” written in the Seattle Post Intelligencer.  Many of the children retracted  their claims of abuse, the retractions were of course ignored by CPS and their psychologists.  In Loudoun County , Dr. Mary Lindahl is notorious for ignoring retractions by a child. In one case , a child retracted no less than nine times and Dr. Lindahl failed to notify anyone of the retractions.  This is not unique, CPS and their psychologists will believe any claim of abuse. In the eyes of many CPS workers and management retractions are to be ignored, the same goes for Sandra Glenney as well. The following is a quite from Tim Abbey of the CPS agency in Wenatchee

“It’s well known that children are telling the truth when they say they’ve been abused,” Wenatchee Child Protective Services (CPS) supervisor Tim Abbey later told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “But (they) are usually lying when they deny it.” 

It is clear the CPS workers and their management team want to find abuse, they are obsessed with the notion of sexual abuse. It is all to apparent from the following statement that they will not accept no as an answer from a child.

In a strange twist of fate, one daughter of Perez recanted and told how Perez bullied her into making false accusations. During the case, anyone who spoke out against Perez and his tactics became targets of Perez. Many children came forward and recanted , subsequently convictions were overturned.  It was  learned during the trials that Perez did not take any notes. As always there were therapists who supported Perez by testifying that the children had been abused.

Loudoun CPS is not better than Wenatchee. The names are different but the mentality is the same.







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