Loudoun County - Ethics reform

Ethics reform, what a concept. In Loudoun, it is desperately needed but not wanted. I should clarify, the citizens want it but not those who hold official positions.  However at the State level there is reason to hope. Governor McAuliffe recently appointed a commission to develop proposed ethics reforms.

Finally, is my response, the guilty verdict of former Governor McDonnell has sent shock waves through Virginia and has highlighted the flaws of the ‘Virginia way.” The formation of the commission is a starting point.  I am encouraged by the Governor’s statement concerning judicial selection.  Although, I am discouraged that the Virginia Assembly has yet to enforce any meaningful reforms

As for judicial elections, which are handled by the General Assembly, McAuliffe said those are too often too political. “Shouldn’t be a political process to pick our judges,” he said. “Ought to be on merit.”

I am ecstatic that the Governor understands the flaws with our judicial selection process, it is a political process not one based on merit.  At least the conversation has begun about change.  Unfortunately, we in Loudoun have very special people acting in official capacity.  Special meaning they believe that they are immune to any kind of oversight; change will come but slowly.

The mentality within the Loudoun Government is old school. The members of the Loudoun Government do not try to correct the deficiencies they defend their deficiencies.  I applaud the formation of the new ethics commission, we can only hope the local government in Loudoun does the same.


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loudoun county ethics reform