Loudoun County – Dr. Mary Lindahl no longer testifies in custody cases



Dr. Mary Lindahl, a psychologist who has been used frequently  in the past by the Loudoun Department of Family Services has decided that she will not longer testify in custody cases.  This is welcomed news, especially for fathers.  This information was ascertained by Dr. Lindahl’s most recent practice policy statement.

If you ever become involved in a divorce or custody dispute, I want you to understand and agree that I will not provide evaluations or expert testimony in court. You should hire a different mental health professional for any evaluations or testimony you require. This position is based on two reasons: (1) My statements will be seen as biased in your favor because we have a therapy relationship; and (2) the testimony might affect our therapy relationship and I must put this relationship first.”

This is a radical departure from her stance in the past, one has to wonder what was the impetus for this change in her practice.  Previously she had no issue in testifying during custody cases. She also, in the very recent past , had no problem providing  testimony and writing letters at the behest of Sandra Glenney.  As recent as two or three years ago Dr. Lindahl was an eager expert witness willing to provide  testimony for Sandra Glenney. It is extraordinary that Dr. Lindahl seems to always share the viewpoints as Sandra Glenney, simply amazing.

Previously Dr. Mary Lindahl was in private practice by herself  , she has now joined her daughter in practice ; they can be found at the following site http://www.wellspringpsych.net/.  In one case , Dr. Mary Lindahl’s treatment of a young child had horrible effects on the child. Dr. Lindahl provided vey questionable testimony during multiple hearings.  It is strongly advised not to use the services of Dr. Lindahl, it is also strongly advised to file a motion, if needed, to prevent Dr. Lindahl from providing therapy to your child. It seems Dr. Mary Lindahl is still offering consultation to attorney’s and other health professionals. More than likely consultation with attorney’s , in reality means providing input to the likes of Sandra Glenney and Laurie Warhol.

From the website:

Dr. Lindahl offers consultation to attorneys on domestic and criminal cases. 

Keep in mind, that Dr. Lindahl has a long and  in depth relationship  with Sandra Glenney and various Child Protective Service Agencies; do not allow Dr. Lindahl to even act as a consultant on your case.



Dr. Mary Lindhal has a very close relation with the various Child Protective Agencies in Northern Virginia.  Dr. Lindahl is inclined to believe very dubious claims of abuse. in one specific case , she failed to mention a child’s retractions despite testifying several times  in Court.  The fact that she is used by Sandra Glenney should raise red flags.



One thought on “Loudoun County – Dr. Mary Lindahl no longer testifies in custody cases

  1. Katherine Loos

    Yes, her position statement that she does not testify as an expert is absolutely deceptive, especially to heartbroken and desperate parents. Even though she says she does not testify as an expert, this is different from being a simply “fact” witness as a counselor. The opposing party (i.e. parent) will call on the child’s counselor as a fact witness and sometimes the Court might even subpoena the therapist as well. I think she should edit her statement to notify parents that she might appear as a fact witness instead of an “expert” one.


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