Loudoun County – Dr. Mary Lindahl as Sandra Glenney’s expert witness


It has been mentioned before that Dr. Mary Lindahl  is a favorite expert witness of Sandra Glenney.   The relationship between Sandra Glenney and Dr. Lindahl should be cause for concern, if the relationship clouds Dr. Lindahl’s objectivity. It can be argued that the close relationship does perhaps jade the manner in which Dr. Lindahl approaches the cases that Glenney utilizes her for.   In  a case in Loudoun, Dr. Lindahl made very questionable decisions and at all times agreed with exactly what Sandra Glenney wanted.

An additional concern about Dr. Lindahl is how she views the latest research on child suggestibility and her failure to make known to counsel when a child recants allegations of abuse.  More troublesome is how Dr. Lindahl justifies her sometimes confusing testimony. At times she is very evasive in her testimony.

Sandra Glenney presents problems as well, she wants to win her case, not find the truth.   Naturally Glenney seeks out a professional to substantiate her beliefs, enter Dr. Mary Lindahl of Alexandria, Virginia.  For  very obvious reasons Sandra Glenney feels very comfortable with the selection of Dr. Lindahl. Clinically speaking her methods can be questioned, she has not remained current on the latest research. One area research she is not familiar with is the area of Child Suggestibility and the lessons learned from the Daycare Hysteria of the 80s. Below are the excerpts from a deposition of Dr. Lindahl. Dr. Lindahl is answering questions concerning one of the cases during the daycare hysteria, You will notice that Dr. Lindahl fails to concede that the allegations were false.


Q.  Are you familiar with the Little Rascals case
of 1984?
A.  Yes.
Q.  What was that case?
A.  Well, I don’t remember in those daycare cases  all the different issues that came up, but the  basic thing was that a lot of people were accused of sexually abusing children and there were a lot of difficulties in the investigation, early investigation of those people — didn’t particularly know how to  question the children.  There was a lot of contamination back and forth of the parents.  The allegations grew to quite fantastic and a lot of people were put in jail.
Q.  Do you know what the outcome finally of all of that was?

A.    A lot of those people have been released.
Q.  Because of false abuse allegations, correct?
A.  Because the second investigation was false.
    I mean, there’s no way to tell what happened in those.
 Right?  They’re old.  They’re ’80s cases.  I have no opinion on whether they happened or not.  But I do know the facts of what — how it transpired.

Does she believe that in the 80′s children were being abused in large numbers at Daycare throughout the country, more than likely. Dr. Lindahl is not capable of filtering out false allegations, this may due to her lack of training  or bias.  Either way, Dr. Lidahl is not a good choice as an expert for your case. She leans to heavily toward Glenney and CPS; more on this to follow.  It would be wise to have her removed from you case as soon as possible.




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