Loudoun County CPS - The way Loudoun County CPS and Sandra Glenney really works

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The harsh reality is that Loudoun County Child Protective Services is for the most part incompetent, corrupt and represented by the very dishonest Sandra Glenney.  Despite the claims of helping children, Loudoun CPS harms children. During a Child Protection Case  a Loudoun County Courtroom becomes a kangaroo court, the law is disregarded and the accused loses all of his or hers rights. All of this is directed by Sandra Glenney.

Sandra Glenney is the lead player; she calls all of the moves and dictates all of the actions in the Courtroom. She is very active behind the scenes and the accused must be aware of this. Although, theoretically, she should follow the Rules of Professional Conduct as required by the Virginia Bar Association, neither the accused nor their attorney should count on this. It is critical for the defendant to file multiple FOIA requests to CPS and the County Attorney’s office to collect all emails sent from Glenney to the CPS worker, G-A-L and the psychologist. The attorney should subpoena all the notes from the psychologist that Glenney selects. Sandra Glenney is very fond of Dr. Mary Lindahl and Dr. Eliana Gil. The psychologists that Glenney selects are aware of the testimony that Glenney wants and they will provide what she wants.

Glenney directs the CPS workers in how to perform their jobs as well; this includes which  evidence to release to the accused and which evidence to withhold.  Please understand that Glenney will not release any exculpatory evidence, as there is no “open file policy” in Loudoun County. It is up to the discretion of Sandra Glenney of what gets released; CPS is notorious for concealing evidence.

In the above email Sandra Glenney is directing the Social Worker Rina Arita and Michelle Mullins (CPS Manager)  in what to do. She is directing them to disapprove of a psychologist. In this case, she only wanted Dr. Mary Lindahl involved in the case. One has to wonder why she was so adamant about only having Dr. Lindahl involved. I think the reason is clear; Lindahl was in step with Glenney.  In this case Rina Arita and Michelle Mullins did exactly as she wanted.

The truth is Loudoun CPS and its management is very corrupt. Every move is scripted by Sandra Glenney. In a previous blog it was demonstrated that she will even direct the Guardian Ad Litem to do what she wants. All of this happens behind the scenes, away from the purview of the Court and the accused.  She makes a mockery of due process. It is not a fair fight so don’t expect one.

My recommendation is for the accused to subpoena every piece of paper or email that Glenney generates.  Do not relay on the CPS worker or the psychologist to tell the truth either; use the power of a subpoena.



Loudoun County CPS - The way Loudoun County CPS and Sandra Glenney really works