Loudoun County CPS - When therapists and Child Protection Services harm



Gigi Jordan, pictured above left, recently convicted of manslaughter in the death of her son exemplifies the danger of therapists indulging bizarre claims of abuse by a mentally unbalanced parent. Ms. Jordan repeatedly stated the she killed her son out of mercy as he was, in her mind, being abused and tortured by his biological father. The therapists who indulged her fantastical beliefs should take responsibility for this tragic ending. Time and time again misguided or disturbed therapists initiate a chain of events that result in the destruction of their patients lives. Loudoun County and CPS gravitates toward these type of therapists, they gravitate to them because the professionals believe the most outrageous claims of abuse. This attraction to these type of therapists is headed by Sandra Glenney.

To begin with, sane parents do not kill their children. nor do mentally stable adults make false claims of abuse; they would never even consider making false claims. Child Protective Services in Loudoun provides an avenue for the accusing parent to fall further into their delusions; this does the child and the parent no favors.  Loudoun CPS is notorious for believing the most absurd claims of abuse. The unfortunate part of the Gigi Jordan story  is that  the defense team were able to find professionals who believed Ms. Jordan  and were willing to testify that the child was being abused. Take for instance the report of Frank Putnam, Mr. Putnam is adamant that abuse occurred. It was mental health professionals like this who fed Ms. Jordan very dangerous ideas and delusions.

Therein lies the problem,  CPS and their therapists approach a case with the mindset that the accusations are true and the subsequent results are devastating.  With  the initial approach that abuse has occurred, two things are happening. The accusing parent is receiving support and validation for their delusions and the child is thrown into therapy sessions with a therapist who is conducting the sessions as if abuse has occurred.  This is an extremely volatile  situation for a child. As the accusing parent is being encouraged in their beliefs and the child is being exposed to therapy that is essentially quackery. The accused parent, the stable parent,  is being shut out of the child’s life. Sandra Glenney and CPS goes to great pains to ensure that no additional mental health professional enters the case and that the accused parent remains cutoff from the child.

In the case of Gigi Jordan, the mental health professionals could have assisted Ms. Jordan by providing proper therapy for her  but instead they endorsed and encouraged her bizarre beliefs. As a result she didn’t receive the proper care and her child suffered the ultimate penalty. It is the same with Loudoun County CPS, the workers are so poorly trained and biased that they have no ability to recognize true or false accusations. They will, in a very high percentage of cases, just believe the accuser which is very often the mother. This rush to believe only harms the accuser and the child.

There is an expression that is so very true, allegations whether true or false are not signs of a healthy household. False allegations indicate a paranoia associated with the accusing parent.  A paranoia that is fed by the likes of Sandra Glenney and a therapist like Dr. Mary Lindahl.  The depths to which they will go to press the narrative in Court is disturbing and the results are tragic.



Loudoun County CPS -When therapists and Child Protection Services harm