Loudoun County CPS Social Workers/Investigators and Psychologists/Psychiatrists


Loudoun County CPS workers are poorly trained, this is an understatement.  It is documented that investigators and social workers have no required training before interviewing children that are at the center of abuse accusations; this is concerning. It is worth noting that the mental health professionals that testify for the County are very suspect as well.

There are volumes of research concerning child suggestibility; this research is evidently irrelevant to Loudoun County CPS and the management. Ignorance of the research is rampant in Loudoun County CPS and its management team, Laurie Warhol and Ellen Grunewald.  The psychologists that the agency uses are even more clueless to the research, this includes Dr. Mary Lindahl, Dr. Eliana Gil, Lisa Hunt and Dr. William Ling. Dr. Ling’s favorite diagnosis is Mood Order N-O-S (not other specified) and he relies heavy on the questionable Rorschach test.  The test has the very bizarre belief that how a person views ink on a card can reveal their psychological health. The images can be seen here. If one comes across Dr. Ling, force him to cite studies that prove the validity of the Rorschach, he can’t do it.  Child suggestibility research is equivalent to blasphemy to CPS’s chosen psychologists and psychiatrists. They are afraid of it; they do not want the judges to be aware of it.

Lisa Hunt and Dr. Lindahl usually operate as a pair and are favorites for the County, avoid having these two involved in your case.

It is important for a defendant and their attorney to ask very specific questions concerning an investigator’s training and their knowledge of child suggestibility studies. In one case, ex-CPS worker Benjamin Smith was not familiar with a very famous study.  Loudoun CPS takes pride in its ignorance.  It is worth noting that Mr. Smith concealed every piece of exculpatory evidence that he could. This was done with the full support of his management team, specifically Laurie Warhol.

The expert witnesses should be examined very critically and methodically. Most of the experts that CPS uses are very poorly trained and can be debunked very easily if asked the right questions. The attorney needs to be well versed in the subject matter, the psychologists and the social workers will use words such as believable and credible to bolster their testimony, the defendant must do their own research to be prepared. The alleged experts simply do not know the research; they are counting upon the lack of knowledge by the defendant and their attorney.

Finally it is important to record on tape everything that the CPS worker or anyone associated with the agency says. The agency is inherently untruthful and deceptive.


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