Loudoun County CPS – Sandra Glenney hides in the background


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Loudoun CPS is bad very bad,  but if one person stands out from the montrosity known as Loudoun CPS it is Sandra Glenney (center in middle photo above). She is the most abhorrent character in the CPS spectacle  for so many reasons. The Department of Family services is aborrent without her but with her Satan himself would be appalled. I doubt Satan would masquerade as a crusder for children, he wouldn;t go that low.

Ms. Glenney stands out for so many reasons, mainly because she tramples due process and hijacks the civil court system in Loudoun.  The most appalling reason she stands out is that she masks her behaviour behind the often repeated motto in a custody case “Bests interests of the child”.

The following document cleary shows Glenney’s dubious ethics and is not concerned about the “bests interests of the child”. In this specific case a parent was attempting to reunify with child , reunification that on paper Glenney supported. The Guardin Ad Litem in the case was Lorrie Sinclair, also a Judicial candidate for the 20th Circuit (pictured far right). The psychologist ordered to assist with the reunification  was Dr. Mary Lindahl (pictured left), a noted favorite of Sandra Glenney.

The parent requested that reunification continue while Dr. Lindahl was on vacation, a possibility  that Dr. Lindal expressed no concern with to the parent. The parent wanted someone to conduct the session in Lindahl’s abence; please see Glenney’s reaction below and notice how she is directing Sinclair and Lindahl to prevent this from happening.  This cleary demonstrates that Glenney does not care about families or children she only wants to win her case, this is her chief concern expressed in the email. It is odd that she depserately wants to keep Dr. Lindahl on the case; Lindahl is heavily used by CPS agencies in Northern Virginia.

The Department’s concern about such an arrangement would be that the Father may use that to make an argument that this somehow shows Dr. Lindahl is not needed”

The fact that Lorrie Sinclair was the G-A-L and is allowing herself to be directed by Sandra Glenney is telling. If Sinclair ever makes it to the Circuit Court bench, Glenney’s win-loss ratio will dramatically improve. If Sinclair ever wears a black robe, she will not be mysteriously given more ethics and more legal acumen. Loudoun Circuit Court will become a kangaroo Court.

Glenney has got to go, she is a disgrace. Please leave a reply if you have had any similar experience with Sinclair or Glenney.







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