Loudoun County CPS - Sandra Glenney, Dr. Mary Lindahl the new witchhunters



The following article titled “Where the witch hunters are”  written by Doug Mesner and Sarah Rivera  describes perfectly the issues associated with the mental health profession and false sexual abuse allegations.  More specifically , it highlights the problems with fringe psychology , its practitioners and the dangers of the fringe psychologist. The quotes from Dr. Colin Ross and Dr. Richard Kluft are indicative of the bizarre beliefs that some psychologist hold.

“I have met many demons, devils, evil characters, representatives of Satan, and Satan himself in my MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder] work.”

– Colin Ross, MD, 1994

Past President, International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD)

I remain troubled about the matter of transgenerational satanic cults.”

– Richard Kluft, MD, 2014 Past President, ISSTD

Dr. Ross  and Dr. Kluft are mental health professionals  who were  past presidents of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD).   They are not the only ones who hold bizarre  , most personnel with Child Protective Services  in Loudoun are prone to believe any claim of abuse.   Sandra Glenney, especially,  is also prone to believe any ridiculous claim of abuse. One aspect that is very concerning about Sandra Glenney is her use of therapists that associate themselves with the ISSTD, the organization that Colin Ross served as ex-president of, as well as Dr. Joyanna Silberg.  Dr. Silberg is highly recommended by Sandra Glenney. One must be curious as to why Sandra Glenney employs the services of such low-grade and mentally disturbed mental health professionals. They probably see the world through the same distorted lens. I call it the demon haunted world. In Glenney’s demon haunted world, if a child denies being abused that is further evidence of abuse. It reflects the lack of a lucid thought process for Glenney.

It is more disturbing and unsettling that Dr. Silberg is allowed to qualify as an expert witness in Loudoun County.  Anyone who believes in Satanic Ritual Abuse, multiple personality disorders and demon devils is troubled and should not be regarded as an expert witness in their field.  It doesn’t say much about the quality of judges in Loudoun either.  I can assure you that as Dr. Silberg is being qualified as an expert witness, her beliefs in MPD and Satanic Ritual Abuse is not discussed.

The ISSTD is nothing more than a collection of witch hunters, as stated from the article by Doug Mesner. The same can be said for Sandra Glenney and Dr. Mary Lindahl, they are nothing more than modern day witch hunters. They prey and make their income  by preying on vulnerable children. The mindless investigators with CPS , who are so very poorly trained and are not aware of any of the latest research provide Glenney with what she wants , a finding of abuse. The findings are manufactured and are not based on any real evidence.

From the article:

“Where one finds “Dissociative Disorders”, one tends to find a belief in the mythic “Multiple Personality Disorder” (MPD), now rebranded as “Dissociative Identity Disorder” (DID). And where one finds this alleged disorder, one invariably finds notions of concealed, “repressed” trauma, and therapies devised to draw forth hidden memories from the unconscious. Where one finds such therapies, one finds the most hysterical subcultures of conspiracist delusion imaginable.”

The fact that Sandra Glenney uses therapists from ISSTD is troubling, it also provides an insight into Glenney’s thought process. One can assume that she believes in Satanic Ritual Abuse  and the diagnosis of MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). One has to question Sandra Gleney’s grasp on reality.  It is more troubling that she serves in the role as the Assistant County Attorney.

What is known is that Sandra Glenney’s willingness to believe any claims of abuse guides her actions in the Courtroom. Her behavior in the Courtroom and outside is very questionable and not very professional. The larger issue is that the Courts allow Glenney in the Courtroom as well as her mentally unbalanced mental health experts.


Loudoun County - Sandra Glenney, Dr. Mary Lindahl the new witchhunters