Loudoun County CPS – Sandra Glenney and Dr. Mary Lindahl





As mentioned in an earlier post, Loudoun County CPS depends heavily on the testimony of psychologists to win their case. Normally in the absence of any physical evidence, a psychologist will testify that in their opinion abuse occurred; very standard strategy by Loudoun CPS. It is very reminiscent of the Satanic Panic of the 80′s. This was a very dark period for psychologists and the profession. During this time innocent parents were convicted and sent to prison based off of wild and incredulous accusations supported by psychologists and psychiatrists.

Dr. Mary Lindahl often testifies for various Child Protection Agencies in Virginia. In the email that is above, Dr. Lindahl states to Sandra Glenney “I will await what you want me to say”.   Some would argue that this is problematic and demonstrates a bias on the psychologist’s part. I agree in that it is concerning that a psychologist would ask an attorney what they should say. Unfortunately, investigations are often conducted this way with Loudoun County CPS.

It is extremely important that a defendant and their attorney scrutinize the relationship between Sandra Glenney and the psychologist that she chooses. You have to get the notes of the professional as the Loudoun Agency will not be forthcoming.



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