Loudoun County CPS – Sandra Glenney and CPS are obsessed with the devil



Sandra Glenney must be obsessed with the devil, why would I say that? It is the only explanation as to why she would ever recommend someone from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD as an expert witness to the Court. Not only did she recommend someone from the ISSTD, she highly praised the person. That person is Dr. Joyanna Silberg, past president of the ISSTD. This does not absolve the judges in Loudoun who allow Dr. SIlberg to testify in a Courtroom. The legal system in Loudoun, leaves quite a bit to be desired, in some cases it is an embarrassment.

The ISSTD is a throwback to the 80′s , you know the time when Satanists were abusing children in daycares throughout the Country.  You know that time when innocent parents were being convicted and sent to prison due to absurd allegations. This is what the ISSTD does and this is the type of therapists that Sandra Glenney choose to use. ISSTD has perhaps changed the terminology of the 80′s but the beliefs haven’t changed. Their members continue to perpetuate repressed memories and ritual abuse.  Glenney has the audacity to use this type of professional in a Courtroom; it is shameful.

If you want an example of their bizarre beliefs, I strongly encourage you to read “22 faces” written by Judy Byington.  Byington praises the ISSTD, as it relates to treating patients who suffered from mind control experiments and Satanic Ritual Abuse. Not only Satanic Ritual Abuse but Satanic human sacrifice as well.  In 22 faces, Jenny Hill (main character) witnessed a human sacrifice; she herself was intended to be sacrificed but was saved by a mysterious presence.  The book is touted as a true story, Byington allegedly served as Jennie Hill’s therapist.  Keep in mind there was and is no physical evidence of any type of ritual abuse. It is only troubled mental health professions who keep this idea alive and those like Glenney who qualify them as expert witnesses.


This book and all of its absurdities was endorsed by Dr. Joyanna Silberg, one of the absurdities were the exploits of a Dr. Greenbaum who is an expert in mind control, not only mind control but he was also utilized by the Nazi’s. The book is absurd and for the most part discredited.  Again , the question is why would Sandra Glenney praise a psychologist who is a member of the ISSTD.

The only answer is that Sandra Glenney must be obsessed with the devil; hail Satan.


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