Loudoun County CPS – Reunification therapy


Once an individual finds his or herself falsely accused of abuse, the three ring circus ensues. This will consists of a series of hearings in the Juvenile District Court and most likely an appeal to the Circuit Court. I am tempted to write that Sandra Glenney, Laurie Warhol and other members of Loudoun CPS have two attempts to win their case, I would be wrong in this assertion. In reality they have endless attempts to win their case.

Once the accusation winds its way through the Courts, keep in mind this is only Civil Court. The reason being, that most accusations have no evidence and therefore do not rise to any criminal action. After the case is heard in Circuit Court, reunification will be ordered between the child and the estranged parent. This is the part of the process that someone of such low ethics as Sandra Glenney and Loudoun CPS excels in. It is the most deviant as well. At this juncture the defendant foolishly believes that the ordeal is over and the process of healing can begin; nothing can be further from truth. When reunification starts, the ordeal is re-starting as well. The accused is focusing on restoring the relationship between the child, Glenney and CPS is focused on making the break in the parent/child bond permanent.

At this point the accused has spent perhaps, 30-45k in attorney’s fees fighting the accusations.  The second round of litigation will more than likely catch the accused off  guard. The key player, as always will be the handpicked psychologist by CPS.  This person will be supplying reports and information to Sandra Glenney that Glenney will then use to attempt to stop the reunification. This results in motions and hearings which means more attorneys’ fees.

The issue with the Judiciary in Loudoun County is that it is very conservative and is reluctant to rule against Glenney. For reasons this writer cannot understand, Sandra Glenney is held in high regard by some judges. The accused is fighting an uphill battle on all fronts. He or she is fighting a hired gun psychologist chosen by Sandra Glenney. He or she is also working within the framework of a Judicial System that is reluctant to rule against Glenney. However, there are a few things that one can do.

1. Subpoena all of the notes of CPS’s handpicked psychologist. This is critical; the psychologist will not reveal anything that will damage CPS’s case unless forced to.

2. File several FOIA requests to CPS; ask for all emails that originated from Sandra Glenney concerning the case. It is critical to shine the spotlight on the case. Keep in mind CPS wants a victim not a fight. They do not want the general public or other members of the local government to get word of what they are doing.

3. Attend the local CPS public meetings and voice your issues, shine light on what is going on in your case.

4. File complaints with the appropriate board such as the Virginia State Bar and the Virginia Board of Psychology


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