Loudoun County CPS – Psycholgists


Much like the use of spectral evidence during the Salem Witch trials, Loudoun County uses the testimony of psychologists in much the same manner. The defendants in the Salem Witch trials were confronted and convicted with the evidence known as spectral evidence.  Essentially, spectral evidence was the testimony of an alleged victim that the accused spirit attacked them.  This was very convenient for the prosecutor; this testimony could not be proved or dis-proved. It is a very important point to grasp, it is very important for the prosecutor’s during the Salem trials to avoid evidence that could be tested. It is identical to the testimony of psychologists that CPS heavily depends on today in the Loudoun County Court Room.

Accusations almost always occur in the office of psychologists without any cameras recording what is happening or how the accusations surfaced. Let there be no doubt, CPS always refers a child to a psychologist who will be willing to provide the testimony that the agency needs.  The defendant is forced to refute imaginary evidence that was crafted by CPS and its handpicked psychologist. The research is vast and thorough on how to interview children so as to not to encourage false accusations. This research was brought about due to the horrific episode in the 80’s that is referred to now as the Satanic Panic. According to the local child protection agencies and the psychologists that were employed by them, children all across the nation were abused by Satan Worshipers despite no physical evidence,

The psychologist that is presented by CPS to the court is offered as a credible witness who should not be questioned. In reality, normally the professional testifies often for the agency and the relationship is very cozy.

Psychological testimony is the new spectral evidence.


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