Loudoun County CPS - CPS corruption it's a national problem.

CPS Corruption is a national problem, in fact it is an epidemic; no parent is safe from it. The link below only validates this point.  The quality of the workers and the management is typical poor.  In the case below a director has been arrested for tampering with evidence. The case involved the death of a 22 month old, the case was closed and six days later the child was dead. This is inexcusable but it happens frequently, CPS routinely fails to protect children who are actually being abused while targeting innocent families.


Loudoun County CPS is no different; it suffers from the same poor quality of workers and management. It also suffers from the same lack of ethics that is described in the link below. Benjamin Smith, an ex-CPS investigator with Loudoun County provides a sample of how the investigators handle cases in Loudoun; they simply believe the accusation and attempt to coerce a confession. The manner in which the agency conducts itself is bizarre and is devoid of any respect for the legal system. The viciousness in which they target parents, especially fathers, is very disturbing. The link below sums up the mentality of the agency in Loudoun. Investigator, Benjamin Smith, obviously does not believe in an impartial approach to an investigation.

Loudoun CPS – Benjamin Smith

In Virginia, there have been deaths of children that the agency failed to protect. In Richmond, Dr. Carolyn Graham was forced out due to a fraudulent letter that she sent to a reporter, link is below. This is hypocrisy at its worse, these agencies are incompetent and will do anything to win their cases and make themselves look good, even if it means tampering with evidence. The agency does not care about families it only wants to win in Court.

Carolyn Graham.

The cases are too numerous to be ignored, this happens in every state every day. I would encourage anyone who has observed any unethical behavior to contact the Board of Supervisors or a State legislator to inform them of what is going on.  The agencies are not going to police themselves, neither is the State Board. It will be the public and the media that forces a change. The instances above are not anomalies, they are the norm. This is how the agency operates.


Loudoun County CPS - CPS corruption it's a national problem.